Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Eat what you want...

I should clarify. Eat what you want...SOMETIMES ;)

One of the keys to being happy while changing your lifestyle to healthier one is to not deprive yourself. If you feel like you can NEVER have anything yummy like a brownie, cookie, or ice cream, then you'll be down about it. You may even eventually snap and eat every brownie in sight. It's better to be reasonable with yourself, allow yourself to have things you truly enjoy - just keep moderation in mind. For instance, while I was trying to lose 10lbs, I cut out my evening dessert (and made other dietary changes as well!), and then one evening, maybe Friday, I would let myself have dessert. I just made it low-fat ice cream & stuck to ONE serving size. Now that I'm at my goal weight, I have ice cream almost every night, but I'm super good about what I eat all day long. If I eat some stuff I wouldn't normally (think Panera bread breakfast) then I skip ice cream that night. It's all about balance. I can do this because I work out almost every night and I'm very good about what I eat most of the time.

So just remember, you don't have to hate your diet. In fact, I encourage you to find adjustments and options that make you love your new way of eating. It may take some trial and error, but I assure you, it can be done. As always, I'm always happy to share meal planning options, recipes, etc. Just comment here or email me at  - the meal planner I use is fantastic, you can set the amount of calories you want to stick to every day and opt out of certain foods and the recipes are actually easy and delicious. Even better, you can print a shopping list of ingredients for that week's meals....and of course each meal/day is completely editable. If you want to have your own meal planner, I very much recommend this one, I use it every single week and have always been pleased with the meals  - just click "join" and select the paid option to try it!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Workout Music - the KEY for some folks!

Some people don't care one way or another about music while they're working out. For others, they really get into it. It can make or break their workouts. Especially for runners, picking the right songs can really improve your run. Not only the style of music, but also the tempo. 

Here's a wonderful site ( that was just introduced to me that has a monthly list of top 10 workout songs. You can also pop over there and just search by genre, tempo, decade, etc. There's samples of each song, and links to buy them on Amazon or ITunes....genius, I say!

Here's the top 10 list for September, according to votes placed at web's most popular workout music blog.

Pitbull, Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer - Give Me Everything (Sidney Samson Remix) - 129 BPM
Nicki Minaj - Super Bass - 128 BPM
Switchfoot - Dark Horses - 83 BPM
Gym Class Heroes & Adam Levine - Stereo Hearts - 90 BPM
Lady GaGa - Edge Of Glory (Bare Noize Remix) - 140 BPM
Pitbull & Marc Anthony - Rain Over Me - 128 BPM
Nadia Ali, Alex Kenji & Starkillers - Pressure (Alesso Radio Edit) - 129 BPM
T.I. & B.o.B. - We Don't Get Down Like Y'all - 92 BPM
LMFAO, GoonRock & Lauren Bennett - Party Rock Anthem (Russ Chimes Remix) - 129 BPM
Alexandra Stan - Mr. Saxobeat - 129 BPM

Check out the full database at You can even subscribe to them for free! :)

Would love to hear what you all think! I think possibly the best part is being able to search by tempo - AND the fact that it's not just all songs you're hearing way too much on the radio!

~To Your Health~

Contact for that site is: 
Chris Lawhorn 
Run Hundred 

Monday, September 12, 2011

No time to workout?

If you have a busy schedule, it can be hard to find 30 minutes or an hour every day to workout, I know! If this is you, just try breaking it up instead! Go for a 15 minute walk in the morning. Make it brisk, make it count, don't just stroll.  And then in the afternoon or evening, get a 15 minute workout in in your living room. If you have a great workout program, use it, even if you have to just do half of a DVD to make it only 15 minutes. If you just want to kind of wing it for a while, make yourself a circuit that'll last 15 minutes. Try something like this:

  • 2 minutes warm up, jumping rope in place
  • 1 minute push ups, go to your knees if you can't do 1 full minute on your toes.
  • 1 minute squats. Remember to keep your knees behind your toes and your weight in your heels. Really SQUEEZE on your way up. If you need to make it more difficult, hold some hand weights.
  • 1 minute jumping rope in place. No need for a real rope!
  • 1 minute bicep curls. 30 seconds 'regular' and 30 seconds 'hammer' curls
  • 1 minute walking lunges. Get that back knee LOW & really push up through your front heel on the way up.
  • 1 minute jumping rope
  • 1 minute plank, up on your hands and toes if you can. If not, drop down to your forearms and toes if need be. Make sure your back is flat & your booty is in alignment with your back. 
  • 1 minute calf raises. Definitely hold some hand weights & really focus on the squeeze on the way up.
  • 1 minute jumping rope
  • 1 minute lateral raise - use either light hand weights or a resistance band
  • 1 minute sumo squat
  • 2 minutes jumping rope
  • STRETCH the muscles you just worked. DON'T skip this step!!

This kind of circuit will get you a  nice workout in 15 minutes but you have to really focus on the movements. Make it hard. If you're not shaking after each exercise, you need more weight in your hands!

And remember, these shorter workouts are meant only for days where you truly do not have time for a nice, good thorough workout. On days you can get more in, it's more effective to do it all at once. But breaking it up like this is better than having no workout in at all!

I'm happy to help with personalized programs - or explanations of the above, just shoot me an email or comment below.

Ready? Now go get your workout in! :)
If you've been doing things like this, but it's not challenging anymore, it's probably time for a more advanced workout. Give me a shout and I'll help you pick a program that's perfect for you & get you more results!

~To Your Health~

Thursday, September 1, 2011

P90X2 - The Revolution...what's the fuss about?

You've probably heard/read/seen lots of buzz about P90X2 being released soon. It's on preorder from Sep 1-5th through beachbody coaches only. Then it will be available for preorder to the public. Why do a preorder, you may ask? Well, all signs point to a sell-out. P90X is THE most successful, popular, effective workout in the U.S. So the sequel promises to be even better. Graduates of P90X (or Insanity, Turbo Fire, or Chalean Extreme) are very interested in "the next level". And P90X2 IS the next level.

So, you want to know a little more about why all the hubbub? First of all, as mentioned, it's expected to sell out. Secondly, when preordering through a coach, you get free shipping, guaranteed delivery before Christmas, and two bonus workouts. AND you get entered into drawings for prizes...grand prize: Tony Horton himself delivering the set to your door!

So here's some more info for those inquisitive minds...

Some FAQ's:

* What is P90X2?
     - A 90 day cutting edge fitness program that takes P90X to the next level; focusing on strength, balance, mobility, and explosive power.
     - The most modern thinking in Sports Science

* What makes this program unique?
     - Combines functional training, strength training, plyometrics AND P.A.P. (Post-activiation potentiation)

* Who is P90X2 for?
     - Graduates of any 'extreme' program such as P90X, Power 90, Insanity, Turbo Fire, or Chalean Extreme
     - Athletes looking to improve performance
     - Former athletes looking to get back in shape

* How is P90X2 different from P90X?
     - Three training phases cover more physiological ground
     - P90X2 is more focused & targeted
     - P90X2 is training for sport
     - The diet plan is more versatile

* What is PAP training?
     - Post Activation Potentiation
     - Doing a weighted resistance exercise prior to an explosive one can increase the amount of power produced by conditioned individuals

It's available on DVD and Blu-Ray. And there are several packages to choose from...some with no extra accessories, and some with lots. And there's even a 'hotel modification' available for those times when you just won't be able to have equipment with you.

If you're interested in preordering, sign up for a free account at my site: (click Join and select the free option). Then you can preorder until Sept 5th. After that, you can still order, but Christmas delivery will not be guaranteed.

Happy to answer any questions, just post below - or email me:

~To your health~